Reason to wake up early

How hard is it to establish a weekly tradition?
Published December 17, 2009

I am not an early bird. But I want to be.

I’ve a bit of a love-hate relationship with sleep; I love to stay in bed, but I hate that sleep is such a waste of time. Leonardo da Vinci devised a torturous sleep pattern to avoid the wastefulness of unconscious nights, whereby he slept in ten minute bursts for a total of just two hours per day. Obviously, that’s insane and ill-conceived, but I’ve always had a lot of respect for people that can sleep less and wake up early and active. Usually it’s old people with such talents.

I’m not old yet, so I have to try hard to make use of the morning. In recent months, a weekend breakfast ride with coworkers has motivated me out of bed. The ride’s MO in a nutshell: Meet up at an undisclosed spot by 8:00 AM, ride awesome roads to breakfast, warm up with coffee, get home by noon. Before this recent initiative, I never even started my joyrides until noon, a fact that underscores my new ambition.

The season’s weather has lately slowed my early bird metamorphosis, but with an optimistic weather forecast for this weekend, I’m aiming to resume progress. Perhaps I can innervate my limp, sleepy mind with photos from our past rides.